Support and Resistance – Analytics & Forecasts – 28 November 2023

Support occurs when falling prices stop, change direction, and begin to rise. Support is often viewed as a “floor” which is supporting, or holding up, prices. Resistance is a price level where rising prices stop, change direction, and begin to fall. Resistance is often viewed as a “ceiling” keeping prices from rising higher. If price

Evaluating Trading Strategy Performance Metrics: A Comprehensive Overview – Analytics & Forecasts – 25 November 2023

Evaluating Trading Strategy Performance Metrics: A Comprehensive Overview When assessing the effectiveness of trading strategies, a set of key performance metrics provides valuable insights into their profitability, risk management, and overall robustness. The Profit Factor is a fundamental metric that compares the gross profits to gross losses. For instance, if a strategy has a Profit

FIBONACCI IN THE FOREX MARKET – Analytics & Forecasts – 26 November 2023

Forex traders utilize Fibonacci retracements to aid in identifying possible key levels of support and resistance. These levels are used as guidelines for traders looking to enter or exit the market along with appropriate risk management techniques. HOW TO CREATE A FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT ON A FOREX PAIR Before delving deeper into practical examples, traders need to have a

Bitcoin Rates Soar on Spot BTC ETF Hype – Analytics & Forecasts – 24 November 2023

The Bitcoin blockchain reached $11.6 million in fees paid on November 16, with the average transaction fee increasing 746% year-over-year. READ TOO The Outlook for a $36,492.20 Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)   soon to be approved in the United States has increased demand for the leading cryptocurrency, leading to an increase in transaction fees. The Bitcoin

AI TradingVision GPX Introduction – Analytics & Forecasts – 22 November 2023

Introduction GAN-Perceptron-XOR, also known as G.P.X, is an exceptional trading system that harnesses the power of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), Perceptron, and XOR operations. It is designed to create a robust trading tool capable of generating high-quality market data and trading signals, and making highly accurate predictions. Firstly, it utilizes a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)